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Trainspotting a porno…

It looks like the long awaited trainspotting sequel has official started some sort of production. There has been hype about the sequel ever since 2007, but at that time McGregor and the Director, Danny Boyle, were still not talking to eachother because Boyle chose Leo over McGregor to star in the film adaptation of the novel “The Beach.” I think because of that falling out McGregor has always acted like a sequel would be a shame, but back in 2013, they appeared to be talking again and were able to drink some $10,000 a shot whisky and piss on a brush fire of money together while laughing at themselves for being mad at each other over a boy named Leo. Who has surprisingly gone on to make McGregor’s acting chops look amateur at best, I still think he should know better than try to to upstage Alec Guiness.

Death Grips The Powers That B

Posted: June 7th, 2015
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