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Mayweather wins again, beats Maidana…

I know that picture isn’t from the fight, but it summarizes what’s so great about Mayweather. (updated with pics from fight) Also I want to say that the judges did a pretty good job. You have to realize that you are somewhat biased when it comes to judging Mayweather fights. We are so used to him dominating the center of the ring, that we give the other fighter a pass when it comes to them losing the center of the ring battle, but that is the most important part of the fight. Who controls the center of the ring? Mayweather, hands down, every time. So when Maidana runs in like a bull and pushes him to the ropes and throws a shit load of sloppy punches, people act like he won the round. I had Mayweather barely losing just two rounds, and that was more about Mayweather taking his time, establishing his defense, and not throwing enough punches. And even those two rounds are debatable, because judges don’t give points for that kind of technique, but that is an integral part of him winning the fight.

I really think that boxing and MMA needs to take a look at how they judge fights and establish a worldwide standard that boxers and trainers agree with. I personally don’t think Maidana is a big enough sell to get a rematch. The guy hasn’t even bothered to learn English, if he did, I really think it would improve his purse and his marketability. I understand having pride about your culture, but English is the best and most efficient language, and you’ll make more money.

Posted: May 3rd, 2014
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Name that beat…

Winner gets a prize tbd, that will be worth at least $100, guaranteed… word is bond and all that legal jargan.

Posted: May 1st, 2014
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