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Pacquiao wins! Bradley vs. Pacquiao 2 Retribution

Pacquiao wins the remath, gets his retribution in what was a clear win. I agree with the judge that had it 118 to 110, I only gave two rounds to Bradley. Definitely the 2nd and 3rd rounds were for Bradley and possibly the 11th. The 5th round and a few other rounds were close but you could tell Bradley had to go at full force to match Pacquiao’s skills the first five rounds, and then he just dumped, he tried to act like he was trying to bait him to come in, but really he just gassed out. I’m happy to see Pacquiao earn this victory after such a ridiculous judgement two years with the first loss, and even though there will probably be a rematch, I really don’t care for it. Bradley made some excuse about his leg giving out or being pulled or some bullshit, but he just doesn’t have the skills or power necessary to take out Pacquiao.

Posted: April 12th, 2014
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Broken Age Backer… Proof!

Just got through the first act of Broken Age, and wow, what an awesome ending. I was pleasantly surprised and I don’t understand how anyone can complain about this game. I think any of the reviews that were harsh, didn’t really play the game. They probably either watched a walkthrough or had a walkthrough on hand while they were playing. I was a backer so I got the game in January, so I took my time playing through the first act. I usually play adventure games in spurts, because when I get stuck I like to stop playing and do something else so I come back to the game with a fresh perspective. I never really got stuck and only had to look at a walkthrough twice, but even then, I didn’t really use the walkthrough, I just saw what puzzle they had to work on next, and then I focused on that puzzle and eventually figured it out on my own. It’s really too easy to use walkthroughs nowadays with youtube, so I think for the second act, I’m really going to try to never use one. With a well written and designed game like this one, and all of Tim’s and doublefine’s games, the solutions to the puzzles are always really cohesive and makes sense if you think about it logically. I actually wasn’t a fan of the art style when I first saw it, but it really has grown on me, and with Tim’s awesome writing the world and characters feel alive and the art style fits now that I’ve played through it. I really wish that I had no idea that the ending was going to be such a big deal, but even knowing it was going to be a big twist in the plot, I still had no idea how the two stories were going to cross.

Oh and here is proof that I backed the game, it’s awesome to see your name involved in such an important game. Hopefully they made millions of dollars already and the second act will be a huge payday for the company.

Wow, my name!

Awesome fan art of Broken Age and Wilfred, because Elijah Wood is in Wilfred.

Broken Wilfred

Posted: April 11th, 2014
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