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Mayweather puts in that work…

Mayweatjer putting on that work on Canelo

Highest grossing pay per view event, somewhere in the $150 millions from 2.2 million orders, it broke his old record and helped solidify him as the GOAT. I think its obvious that Mayweather is the GOAT, I mean I think in the modern era, Roy Jones really pushed what some talent and hard work and dedication can achieve in the modern boxing era. I think he still needs to fight Pacquiao for people to really give him the GOAT crown, but I think its really silly to even compare the two anymore. For a Phillipino fighter to come over from 120ish to 145ish and do as much as he has done, he is definitely up there in the top 50 greatest boxers but comparing him and Mayweather is just stupid. And remember this now, as I’ve been saying, you’re better off comparing Broner and Mayweather than Pacquiao and Mayweather. Many people would say it is way too early to say that, but I’m gonna go on record, and say, like I’ve been saying since he beat Ponce De Leone, he will have a dynasty similar to Mayweather, but I don’t think he will retire undefeated like Mayweather, instead I think we will see the true grit of this fighter when he underestimates someone like a Bradley who is all about points and loses.

Anyways, this year has been a great year for boxing and I’m really excited to see Broner and Maidana in December and even Pacquiao and Rios in November.

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PARTYNEXTDOOR – Break From Toronto

PARTYNEXTDOOR – Break From Toronto from PARTYOMO on Vimeo.

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