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The king is dead, long live the king

The King is Dead, Long Live the KING!

The master’s reign has ended… It has finally happened, his show boating made him lose, this is an actual example where the champ beat himself, and was actually winning the fight but got too confident and wanted to entertain the crowd too much. I think he was thinking, hey everybody thought this guy was going to beat me, I see what he is good at, he is good at wrestling and BJJ and he can hit me hard when I lay on my back so I have to learn his timing and keep it standing. He established that in the first round, and knew he could win by just forcing the fight to be standing. Then he started dancing around and acting like he was hurt to be funny, he dodged three punches, but on the fourth punch it came from the left where he was not expecting and he stretch himself out so far, he had nowhere to turn. But he had his hands completely down and just textbook doing the wrong techniques, I was always entertained by this, but I’m happy to see he may never do it again and just win fights.

The king is dead, long live the king! Anderson Silva lost to Chris Weidman by knockout in the second round, relinquishing his title as the longest running title holder in UFC history, specifically the UFC Middleweight class. Super fights are off the table according to Dana White, but an immediate rematch is pretty much planned. Silva was very modest and showed amazing sportsmanship by saying pretty much here is the new champ, I don’t know what I’m going to do other spend time with my family. I don’t know who I will fight next, I have a ten fight contract so I will fight, but I don’t know right now, which is refreshing, nobody knows what will happen after they lose or even win.


The new champ: