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Vestax Controlller one, turntable instrument

Vestax Controller One

The era of the Turntable only being able to perform or play records for a DJ or consumer has now been re-invented to bring you a new instrument, the TURNTABLE INSTRUMENT.

  Imagine being able to control the vinyl the way you need it to be played as, being able to hit notes and keys just like any other instrument.With the introduction to the Controller One, the Turntables have became a product in making of a new industry category, Musical Instruments for DJs. (MIDJ)Originally a concept shared by one of the greatest Scratch composers D-styles and Scratch Musician Ricci Rucker, this piece has evolved to suit and bring a new light into the World of Scratch and the DJ looking for more than just a pitch control and Djing.
Vestax Controller One Specs

Posted: August 21st, 2010
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How to get a record deal for dummies

Wale and Just Blaze
An AIM conversaton between Just Blaze and Wale..

W: I just signed my deal 10 min ago
J: get outtttt
J: with who??
W:So I wanted to formally let u know…ur the 2nd person I’ve told…1st was my mamma
J:im posting this conversation on my blog lol
W:That’s to let u know how much I wana make music
J:who tho?!
W:With the best in the game
J:congrats man congrats
J:this guy being vague over here
W:I signed to the Machine
W:U can’t tell anybody who until tommorow
J:no probl
W:But ill tell u *******
J:where are u annoucing nit
or when
u said 2moro?
W:Tonight at home in dc
at a party? radio?
and congrats agian man
W: Radio
And im sayin just blaze is gonna be all over it

     What? You thought I meant how to get (earn) a record deal?  I meant how to react when you get a record deal, so Wale shows you when he got a record deal, how he reacted, now you can see how to act when you get a record deal, even if you’re a dummy, dummy.

Posted: August 20th, 2010
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