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Ice Wizard Game in the movie “Big” (1988)

Ice Wizard

Have you ever seen the movie “Big” with Tom Hanks? Have you always wanted to play or know what the game Josh was playing at the beginning?

The kid in the movie, Josh Baskin, plays an old CGA PC text-adventure at the beginning. Ever since I first saw that movie in 1989 I’ve wanted to play that video game.

As it turns out, it’s not a real game, just something they made up for the movie. Learning this, I just had to make it a reality.

Of course I had to fill in a lot of gaps. I call it “The Cavern of the Evil Wizard.” I hope you enjoy it!

Play The Cavern of The Evil Wizard

Watch the original movie clip here:

Click to watch intro scene of “Big” (1988″

Here’s a good analysis of the game’s role in the movie:

“During the first scene I knew that the pc game he was playing to be a metaphor for the events yet to come. The ice melting puzzle is a metaphor for Josh being stuck in adolescence and how he wants to break free and become an adult. The Zoltar machine is his gateway into adulthood but is also a representation of childhood and innocence. In the end when Josh goes back to work on the puzzle and finds a way to melt the ice,he has learned that being a kid isn’t so bad and the puzzle has been completed, therefore he can go back to being a child.


The basis behind the movie is the pc game. This game IS childhood. When he becomes an adult he leaves the game behind until his friend says something to him about being a kid. When he figures out the puzzle, he is going back to his childhood and realizing that its not over and he has soo much more time to enjoy childhood.”

-Kayla Lukacs

Posted: November 15th, 2009
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