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Playboy, 45 Years earlier… Ayn Rand Interview

Ayn Rand Playboy Interview

From the introduction:

That any novel should set off such a chain reaction is unusual; that “Atlas Shrugged” has done so is astonishing. For the book, a panoramic novel about what happens when the “men of the mind” go on strike, is 1168 pages long. It is filled with lengthy, sometimes complex philosophical passages; and it is brimming with as many explosively unpopular ideas as Ayn Rand herself. Despite this success, the literary establishment considers her an outsider. Almost to a man, critics have either ignored or denounced the book. She is an exile among philosophers, too, although “Atlas” is as much a work of philosophy as it is a novel. Liberals glower at the very mention of her name; but conservatives, too, swallow hard when she begins to speak. For Ayn Rand, whether anyone likes it or not, is sui generis indubitably, irrevocably, intransigently individual.

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Posted: March 5th, 2009
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