News for October 2008

Two niggas become formerly undefeated

OJ Simpson

O.J. Simpson got jooked by Nevada’s legal system.  A jury, of which none were african-american or “darkies”, found homie guilty, and instead of letting him free until appeal or even sentecing the judge threw his ass directly passed go and into jail.  Boo-hoo ny-gah, looks like your ass is going to do murder numbers before you see an appeal.  The minimum wait on an appeal is 2 years, but this judge, can chill on the appeal indefinetely.  Have fun, have fun, a have – have fun… getting stabbed and poked in jail.  Sloppy murderin-kidnappin-thieving Hall of fame runningjack of spades.

Kimbo Slice

And last but not least, my man, Kimbo “Eat-a-niggah-for-5g’s” Slice, got beat the fuck down… downtown julie brown stee.  Shit homie, you’re making me and ESPN look bad, you were on their cover like 4 months ago and now this?  You were my MMA “80’s Tyson”… not no more, now you’re just “89 Tyson” to me, where he also went 3 – 0 and then got knocked the fuck out by Douglas.  But at least Tyson had look 5 years and numerous KO’s before that… man, you got fight someone serious after this, if you wanna come back to MMA with any dignity.

Posted: October 4th, 2008
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